In the movie “I, Robot”, set in 2035, we can see Will Smith riding on an autonomous futuristic car. Now, in 2019 the idea of autonomous vehicles seems not that far, but its development might be different from what everyone might have expected.   With just-in-time delivery and last-mile delivery, today transport schedules became tighter and tighter. When technology moves forward, the transport industry has to follow to find the

Paris, 4th of April 2019 – Redspher group, the European leader of on-demand delivery, announces the acquisition of Speed Pack Europe, the Spanish company specialized in urgent transport. Through this acquisition, Redspher pursues its aim to make on-demand delivery available in every market sector and strengthens its presence in Spain. Speed Pack opens up new opportunities in terms of logistics solutions and transport offered by Redspher.   Founded in 2005,

Adient is the worldwide leader for automotive seats and components with one in every three seats in the world coming from their facilities. Every day, Adient works to bring the right product at the right time. Their premium freight partner, Flash B.V. , brings resilience and flexibility into Adient’s supply chain.    Since 2017, Flash has been Adient’s preferred partner for time-sensitive transports. They were chosen because of their reliability,

As a company, Flash tries always to maintain a perspective of constant improvement. We have never stopped trying to adjust to the new market needs, and more importantly, we have never stopped checking ourselves internally. To certify this to our customers and our suppliers, in 2013 we decided to get the certification ISO 9001: 2008, then we decided to take on the challenge and to get the ISO 9001: 2015.

Flash Group published its first UN Global Compact Communication On Progress   Flash is pleased to announce the publication of its first Communication on Progress on the Global Compact website. In October 2016, the Group decided to join the UN Global Compact. Its commitment to this initiative and its principles represented an obvious continuation of the Group’s strategy. The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. More

Physical Internet is becoming a reality Flash Group is already committed to implementing the first steps of the physical internet for internal processes.  In fact, we intend to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital world. Just as data is always taking the fastest way to travel through internet, we keep on improving our logistic network to achieve the highest level of efficiency.  It’s not possible to improve your supply chain

EcoVadis Assesment Beginning of 2017, at the request of some of the Group’s important customers like Faurecia, Alstom and Renault, Flash evaluated its CSR practices and performances through the EcoVadis platform and obtained the EcoVadis Silver Medal for its confirmed CSR commitment. This assessment is also a way to benchmark our CSR performance against other companies of the sector and to highlight the company strengths and possible areas for improvement.

The Internet Revolution: Internet transformed the way information flows around the world. The word slowly switched from analog to digital. The border between the internet and the physical world used to be a clear and defined line.The only point of entry/output to this new network was a computer. The frontier became blurred with the IoT (Internet of Things). Internet became a part of our lives, with more and more connected

Definition of CSR: Let’s start with a clear definition of what CSR is. According to the Financial Times: Corporate Social Responsibility is a movement aimed at encouraging companies to be more aware of the impact of their business on the rest of society, including their own stakeholders and the environment. CSR is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

e-Learning: upcoming trend in Logistic business   Forces for change   The digital revolution is well under way in the supply chain Industry. The industry was behind the service industry where simple to use designed interface, mobile apps and IoT are the norms. However, thanks to the disruptive input of Amazon and other forces of change, the logistic industry isn’t just catching up. In fact machine learning, additive manufacturing, smart

FLASH GROUP ANNOUNCES THE ACQUISITION OF GERMAN SCHWERDTFEGER TRANSPORT WITH SUPPORT OF EURAZEO PME The strategy of FLASH GROUP Flash Europe International Group, European leader in same-day and time-sensitive premium freight, has acquired Schwerdtfeger Transport, a German key player in this segment. With a fast growing revenue of over 20 million € in 2016, Schwerdtfeger is operating mainly for German customers but with freight throughout the EU. This transaction is

Flash Group, happy awardee of the Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance, Leaders League. Yesterday, June 29, 2016, the third edition of the “Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance” was hosted and organized by Leaders League at the Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris. 198 companies selected to compete were sorted in 14 different categories and also, by their annual turnover (find the official selection here) Flash Group was awarded the well-coveted