Vertical Markets

We work for you

Flash is the privileged partner and supporter of innovative and dynamic industries. Since more than 30 years we fulfill the automotive industry’s requirements thanks to long lasting relations build with the largest subcontractors in the sector.

We have managed to replicate those relations and knowledge in the aerospace sector. We stand out as an innovation partner in the conception of your supply chain.
Our expertise provides adequate support to your supply chain and allows for successful Lean Manufacturing practices.

Aeronautics & Defense

Being the European leader of Premium Freight, Flash can deliver you directly on your production site, service center or at the aircraft. Forget the extensive costs of an Airplane on the ground or of an “excessive” linehaul. In the defense and aerospace sectors, safety is a key value. Flash vast pool of carriers can guarantee qualified, vetted and trained drivers. Security and performance should not be an option.

High-tech & Electronics

Shipments must not only be fast, but also secure. Our driver may stay on board checking your material and the paperwork during the whole process to provide a continuous check over the goods and to provide proactive customer support for incidents.


Flash is the key to optimize, secure, simplify and accelerate your plant supply. Forget costly production lines stopping or production bottlenecks. Being the leaders of the European market, we are able to answer your needs of “Just in Time” Logistics to keep your production line running, always. We have extensive experience with the automotive market and 50% of the top 100 automotive suppliers rely on our services when it comes to their urgent and sensitive cargo.


Chemicals are often the starting point of the supply chain for a lot of companies. Difficult materials require specific, tailored, express solutions not to stop the supply chain. At Flash we can ensure the safety of your goods throughout all the supply chain process. Our drivers are fully qualified to transport your goods. The right vehicles to secure your shipment and your merchandise.

Machinery & Equipment

Keep your plant running with Flash! We make our best to limit transit time and we deliver on-site to engineers or end-users, on construction sites or on farms.

Medical Equipment

Every life counts, and you might need that specific equipment material to save one. When equipment needs maintenance at a specific time by a qualified engineer, time, accuracy and support is crucial. Flash knows how to manage timing but also how to take care of expensive and delicate products. A carrier with the right spare part will be in the right room at the right time to let your engineer fix the problem, and keep saving lives.


Flash has developed its expertise in the premium freight domain and it is a specialist when it comes to tight schedules. Our next flight-out service can easily detect the next best chance for your cargo to be shipped, to adapt to your schedule and to be flexible


Professionals have the duty to ensure on-time shipping solutions even under the toughest conditions and peak periods, throughout all the year long. A logistics partner that screens all the process for additional safety if required, compliant with health and environmental rules. Flash will keep you plugged.