A warm welcome to our new Unit Franchisee in Turkey! We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Flash Franchisee team in Turkey! Mikail YILDIRIM, Cetin KURT and Tolga SUTCAN have joined the Flash Franchisee adventure as a Unit Franchisee to cover the areas of Tekirdag, Cerkezkoy and Edirne.  They are all logistics experts who have been working in the sector for 10 years across different companies in

In the movie “I, Robot”, set in 2035, we can see Will Smith riding on an autonomous futuristic car. Now, in 2019 the idea of autonomous vehicles seems not that far, but its development might be different from what everyone might have expected.   With just-in-time delivery and last-mile delivery, today transport schedules became tighter and tighter. When technology moves forward, the transport industry has to follow to find the

Paris, 4th of April 2019 – Redspher group, the European leader of on-demand delivery, announces the acquisition of Speed Pack Europe, the Spanish company specialized in urgent transport. Through this acquisition, Redspher pursues its aim to make on-demand delivery available in every market sector and strengthens its presence in Spain. Speed Pack opens up new opportunities in terms of logistics solutions and transport offered by Redspher.   Founded in 2005,

Adient is the worldwide leader for automotive seats and components with one in every three seats in the world coming from their facilities. Every day, Adient works to bring the right product at the right time. Their premium freight partner, Flash B.V. , brings resilience and flexibility into Adient’s supply chain.    Since 2017, Flash has been Adient’s preferred partner for time-sensitive transports. They were chosen because of their reliability,

If logistics and supply chain have sometimes been perceived as a “male environment”, this mindset has been evolving in the last couple of years. In 2017 this article reported that “Logistics sector plays in the global economy, with some 125 million people currently working in the sector around the world. However, women make up just one to two percent of this workforce.”. But the sector is rapidly evolving.  In just

Flash Europe is proud to start its franchise program Flash, the European leader of premium freight has launched a new franchising program. It has already its first Master Franchisee in Turkey and the first 2 territory units sold. The goal is to further expand the network of carriers and partners across Turkey and Europe, with the support of ambitious entrepreneurs.   In the supply chain market, counting on international and