Con el fin de reflejar mejor todas sus actividades y servicios, Flash Europe International crea y se convierte en parte de Redspher, que incorpora a todas sus empresas y startups dentro de una plataforma.

REDSPHER es un grupo europeo de transporte y logística que reúne a todas sus empresas dentro de una plataforma digital abierta que simplifica y facilita la entrega bajo demanda..

Flash Europe International
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Redspher’s ambition is to disrupt and shape the on-demand delivery market by integrating its physical and digital dimensions. This can be achieved with an entrepreneurial spirit and the constant search for simplicity and transparency. Redspher was born out of the growth of Flash. Today, Redspher employs more than 630 people in Europe and keeps recruiting to support its growth. Indeed, the group’s turnover increased by more than 50% last year, going from 170M€ in 2016 to 258M€ in 2017. This was achieved, among other things, thanks to the successful digital strategy which enables the disintermediation and automation of many processes. Redspher is a group owned by its employees and supported by the Eurazeo PME investment Fund.