Expanding together, growing together

The need for premium freight services is growing in every country and in every industry sector. Shorter product life cycles and lean and mean production processes will continue to minimize stock levels. The resilience needed to sustain such production methods can only be achieved through premium freight. As a Flash Master or Unit Franchisee, you will be in the driver seat to find, contract, train and develop the country and its territories. As a Unit Franchisee, you will enter the Premium Freight game coordinated by your Master Franchisee, using Flash business tools and expertise. You will be representing not only a company but a set of values. Make the most out of all the tools we will provide to create a network of carriers and clients in your area.


Use our strong, recognized brand name with our extensive clients portfolio

Technical advantage

Take advantage of our software developed specifically for premium freight


Built upon years of experience

Are you living in one of the red countries above? Or do you live in a non-European country but you are looking for an opportunity to enter the growing premium freight market? Contact us to become a Flash Franchisee and start growing your business right now.

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