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Flash es el socio privilegiado y de apoyo a industrias innovadoras y dinámicas. Desde hace más de 30 años, cumplimos con los requisitos de la industria de automoción gracias a las relaciones duraderas desarrolladas con los subcontratistas más grandes del sector.

Hemos logrado replicar esas relaciones y conocimientos en el sector aeroespacial. Nos destacamos como socios innovadores en la concepción de su cadena de suministro.

Nuestra experiencia proporciona un apoyo adecuado a su cadena de suministro y permite prácticas de eficiencia en la fabricación exitosa.


We are the key to optimize, secure, simplify and accelerate your plant supply.


We make our best to limit transit time and we deliver on-site to engineers or end-users.


Aircraft is becoming more and more complex. Flash makes the process simple and adapted to your supply chain management.


With shrinking product life cycles, to stay ahead of the competition, a flawless and reactive supply chain is necessary.


Every life counts and you might need that specific equipment material to save one.


Chemicals are often the starting point of the supply chain for a lot of companies. Difficult materials require specific, tailored, express solutions.


Professionals have the duty to ensure on-time shipping solutions even under the toughest conditions and peak periods, throughout all the year long.


Flash has developed its expertise in the premium freight domain and it is a specialist when it comes to tight schedules.


Globalization has increased human movement – and the need for better transports as well.

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