Flash Premium
Flash Excellence

Flash Premium

We focus on speed for mostly production related shipments. Anywhere, anytime, we find you a pickup solution and we deliver to keep your production line running.

Flash Excellence

For outbound logistics: when the contact with your customer matters. In addition to the speed, we provide local qualified drivers to represent your company.  

Flash Care
Flash Safety

Flash Care

A dedicated solution for your transports: when speed isn’t enough. Everything is tailored to your needs with drivers trained to your processes, dedicated hotline. We take care of everything: we deliver the goods wherever you need them.

Flash Safety

when safety is your major concern, speed also means protection. With vetted drivers and dedicated teams in secured facilities, we ensure the integrity of the process. Rest assured: your goods are in the right hands.

These services are a mere canvas one which we build our tailor-made solutions


  • European organization with European scale

    • 24/7 availability with own staff
    • Present in 18 countries with 46 Flash offices
    • Local customer service or control tower capability
    • Pan-European contingency (backup solutions throughout Europe)
    • Large fleet of all types of vans and trucks available  (6.000+ vehicles)
  • Quality-oriented/ best-in-class processes

    • Advance quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification)
    • Best-in-class/ unique driver online training program (Genius Academy)
    • Highest quality standards on the market
  • Your premium freight specialist

    • Company agility and reactivity, with fast response times and pick-up time starting from 30 min
    • Focus on dedicated solutions for clients, fast and reliable
    • All transport modes covered (road, air, air) with IATA registered agents in Paris, Frankfurt & Katowice
  • Digital solutions for clients

    • Advance GPS tracking (Easy2Trace),  which can be shared with end-clients (consignees)
    • Dedicated customer portal (Online Quotation, online orders, tracking & administration)
  • Added Value Services

    • Excellent driver representation ensuring full care of clients image and reputation
    • Full range of bespoke services: Handling equipment, additional security options (e.g. Safety procedures, vetted drivers) hazardous goods (ADR) etc.
  • Solution tailored to clients needs

    • Specific solutions per vertical market Supported by credentials with world-class companies
      • Machinery & Equipment
      • Aerospace & Defense
      • High-tech & Electronics
      • Medical Equipment
      • Utilities, Retail, Automotive
      • Chemicals & Other transportation modes
    • Solutions adapted to different supply chain needs: Production, Distribution & Aftermarket, Ad-hoc or linehaul