The quickest route is via air.

Do your goods need to be transported a long distance as quickly as possible? Is a direct delivery not economical? Take advantage of our expertise in premium air freight solutions.

We have a dense partner network in 80 countries offering complete doortodoor service. We have expert teams at following cargo airports: Frankfurt, Paris, Manchester and Kattowice.


–  Available 24/7, 365 days a year
– Custom transport processes for your freight
– Highest levels of security with modern technology, committed staff, professional interface management and monitoring

Our credo: keep an extensive network and be close to our customers, whether you’re in Bursa, Turkey or St Petersburg, Russia. We currently have 38 offices in 18 countries across Europe and North Africa. Our wide network is made up partners in an additional 80 countries around the world. Thanks to our international subsidiaries, we can optimally cater to your needs, we speak your language and are always directly accessible if there are any problems. Whether you’re shipping
premium air freight, air charter or onboardcourier, we always provide you complete doortodoor service. We have more than 6,000 vehicles at our disposal to get your package to the airport.

We offer nextflightout (NFO) service with commercial carriers: quick, direct and efficient. Of course, we handle all the formalities from preparing the waybill to customs clearance, as required.

We offer you a strong network and reasonable rates in our daily line haul service from Europe to Tunisia, Morocco, India, Russia and Turkey (and back).

– Door-to-door service for all package weights from 1kg to 2,000 kg

– Expert teams at the following cargo airports: Frankfurt, Paris, Manchester and Kattowice

– Fastest possible transit, even tightly scheduled transport processes are feasible without any problems (LAT and TOA between 45 and 60 minutes)

– Reliable service, cheaper than charter

– Professional interface management – and monitoring

The fastest way to transport your goods around Europe

transport-solutions_air - SamedayAvoid expensive downtimes or annoying production bottlenecks and rely on the fastest transport of your freight from A to B with our same day service. We can deliver your goods to the 100 most important destinations in Europe and have it from the airport directly to your production hall in just a few hours.

From caddy to lorries, we have over 6,000 vehicles at our disposal for direct deliveries around Europe (some of which are part of our exclusive fleet). As an established service provider for point-to-point and special deliveries around Europe, we provide doortodoor complete service. Whether you’re shipping electronic components, body parts, shock absorbers,  machine spare parts or technical equipment, your shipment will be delivered as unaccompanied baggage in a Lufthansa plane or a partner airline.

With professional interface management, personal monitoring at the most important cargo airports and experienced and motivated specialists who take personal responsibility for your shipments, we guarantee the most secure transport of your goods possible.


–  No advanced booking required: just give us a call fastest possible transit, even tightly scheduled transport processes are feasible without any problems (LAT and TOA between 45 and 60 minutes)

–  Professional  interface management – and monitoring

–  Ideal for small shipments

Unusual destination, urgent, sensitive or bulky goods? Flexibility is essential when using air charter services. We offer individual solutions for your transport needs regardless of commercial flight schedules. Your freight determines the timetable.

Whether it takes a helicopter, a propeller aircraft or the fastest jet, large or small, we have more than 600 aircraft at our disposal in Europe alone. We handle your individual shipment and arrange the charter, including determining the optimal destination airport. The key for charters is to use smaller, more efficient airports such as Egelsbach (near Frankfurt) and Minichovo Hradiste (near Prague). Shorter routes, personal contacts with the freighthandling agents, rapid aircraft loading and unloading procedures and the fastest possible onward
transport guarantee the highest degree of quality and safety.

Quality is our priority. We carefully select our handling agents at the airports and you benefit from a smooth and fast operation. We can land and process your goods at over 700 airports of Europe. Your advantage: we are always near your production site!

On request, your shipment will be accompanied at all times by an online courier. This way, we can personally take responsibility for your sensitive goods from the time of collection until they’re delivered.

Our experienced onboard couriers never let your shipment out of their sight. We book the optimal flight connection and look after all the formalities from transport insurance to customs clearance. Our onboard couriers are perfectly trained, speak the local  language and can readily solve any problems related to the import of your goods.