Become a FLASH transport partner!

Are you reliable and customer oriented? You adhere to scheduled delivery dates, are interested in a longterm partnership and still have capacity available? Then we eagerly await your application! We are constantly looking for trustworthy transport partners. Benefit from the collaboration with a strong group of companies and become part of our dense Europewide  network.

Profit from:

– Improved capacity utilization for your vehicles
– Faster and more uncomplicated commissioning
– Increased revenue, while preserving corporate identity
– Simple acquisition of contracts and communication via our app

We also offer another alternative, for carriers from PL-RO-BG-SK-CZ-I-E-PT. if you  want to offer us a 24/7 fully dedicated unit, please apply to join our exclusive fleet!
  •  24/7 support for monitoring your units in your native language
  • A central dispatching Department for pan european dispatching of your vehicle(s)


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