We are the key to optimize, secure, simplify and accelerate your plant supply. Forget costly production lines stopping or production bottlenecks. Being the leaders of the European market, we are able to answer your needs of “Just in Time” Logistics to keep your production line running, always. We have extensive experience with the automotive market and 50% of the top 100 automotive suppliers rely on our services when it comes to their urgent and sensitive cargo. We stand by your side to make sure that your plant is optimized and guarantee premium performances, such as taking a cargo from Kocaeli (TR) to Togliatti (RU) in 3 days.

Credentials supplier

Credentials supplier

BOSCH (16 plants/5 countries) / CONTINENTAL (8 plants/2 countries) / DELPHI (8 plants/4 countries) / FAURECIA (79 plants/11 countries) /
HELLA (6 plants/ 2 country) / JOHNSON CONTROLS (11 plants/2 countries) / FEDERAL MOGUL (9 plants/2 countries) /
LEONI (14 plants/5 countries) / THYSSENKRUPP (17 plants/2 countries) / VALEO (43 plants/10 countries)


VOLKSWAGEN/AUDIGroup (14 plants/7 countries) / GM (1 plant/1 country) /
RENAULT (9 plants/3 countries)

Always nearby…

We think globally and react locally: we are therefore represented by 38 offices in 18 countries throughout Europe. Benefit from a local contact near your production site. In 80 countries worldwide, we have a closeknit network of partners, which covers all production sites.

Round the clock…

Available at any time! Our specialists are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Of course, all of our dispatchers are familiar with your methods of production. They can quickly respond to your stringent demands and work out the best transport solution for you.

Whether on the road or in the air

Anywhere in Europe, Flash will take over your shipment within 30 minutes. We have direct access to over 6 000 vehicles of all categories at any time.

Of course, we also combine road and air transport or can charter an aeroplane if necessary. Your shipment will be permanently monitored, and we will proactively inform you about the course of your cargo. Of course, you can always access the status of your shipment online as well as book an order.

Our shipments are GPS controlled ( Flash app ). This provides you with the highest level of security because we – and of course also you – always know exactly where your shipment can be found.


– Great deal of transport expertise in the automotive industry

– Maximum security and transparency through GPS – monitored transports

– Quality guaranteed by DIN ISO certification

– Online track & trace and booking

– Local contacts near your production site – Europewide competence centre


Sandy Smulders
Sales Steering
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Sales Steering
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