Aircraft on ground (AOG)? Quick delivery of spare parts with FLASH

Aircraft is becoming more and more complex with a growing number of spare parts. Flash makes the process simple for customers and adapted to your supply chain management.  Managing stocks in order to have every part ready to be used on the assembly line or in case of urgent maintenance, is a key competitive advantage for aerospace companies. To be the leader of the market, you want the right amount of spare parts, where and when you need them. This is why your supply chain partner must be fast, reliable and everywhere in Europe. Being the European leader of Premium Freight, Flash can deliver you directly on your production site, service center or at the aircraft. Forget the extensive costs of an Airplane on the ground or of an “excessive” linehaul. In the defense and aerospace sectors, safety is a key value. Flash vast pool of carriers can guarantee qualified, vetted and trained drivers. Security and performance should not be an option.

Our credentials


AIRBUS / SAFRAN / Lufthansa Technik / THALES

Direct delivery or airfreight

Whether a single screw, rudder, tail, or engine, with us, your freight is in reliable hands. Anywhere in Europe, Flash will take over your shipment within 30 minutes. We have direct access to over 6000 vehicles of all categories at any time. Our course we also combine road and air transport or charter an aeroplane if necessary. With our sameday service via the Lufthansa network, we can reach over 100 airports in Europe within a very short time. OBC transports are also a matter of course for us.

Round the clock…

Available at any time! Our specialists are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Of course, all of our dispatchers are familiar with your methods of production. They can quickly respond to your stringent demands and work out the best transport solution for you.

Security through excellent interface management

Your shipment will be permanently monitored, and we will proactively inform you about the course of your cargo. You can always access the status of your shipment or book an order online.

Our shipments are GPS controlled (Flash app). This provides you with the highest level of security.

Your advantages for AOG transport/aerospace

–  Industry many years of transport expertise in the Aerospace Industry
–  Expert air freight teams at the following airports: Paris, Manchester, Kattowice, Filderstadt, and Frankfurt
–  Quick access to over 6000 vehicles (partially exclusive fleet)
–  Quality guaranteed by DIN ISO certification
–  Online track & trace and booking