As many companies are starting to ramp up the operation in their facilities, safety has become a major concern. The safety of our customers, our staff and our drivers is at the center of our interest. People will go back to work, but not as if nothing happened. Safety measures have to be implemeneted. On our side, we make sure that our carriers are up to the standards of our

Blockchain is undoubtedly an impressive and encouraging new technology for the modern world. Its possible applications are limitless and there are countless reasons as to why the technology could be beneficial and bring solutions to complicated problems.  While there are many positive applications for blockchain, it cannot be denied that the software is costly, time-consuming and downright harmful for the environment. In just a few short sentences I hope to

Flash Europe expands franchise activities in Turkey and Russia Turkish market off to a good start with a total of four franchise licenses.  Country partner for Russia and complementary area franchisee for Novgorod established Opening of two more Central European countries planned for the first half of 2020 Additional franchisees sought at country level and for individual regions in the following countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Russia,

Along with some of the more revolutionary inventions since the spork (spoon fork) comes a virtual technology, with real-life applications known as blockchain.  Blockchain has managed to revolutionize many industries. It’s secure and has the ability to track and store lots of information. We know that in today’s world, the supply chain can span over hundreds of stages, locations, have several people involved, and be financially complicated. With the lack